Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Lunardi Balloon

                                     Vincenzo Lunardi (Scotland, 28 July 1786)                  John Simlett
Pen & Ink on Cartridge Paper
12 inches x 8 inches


  1. Wow. Wonderful!
    Is this the same Lunardi as in Burn's poem referring to a hat?
    Great drawing. Back to your roots. Tell me, dear John, do you miss the ink or has the paint brought its own rewards?
    Curious mind wants to know.

  2. It may be it, Julie, but at the same time there was the Scottish Balloonist, James Tyler, who Burn's refereed to as having a stovepipe hat.

    Tyler wrote an, "Ode to Lunardi", which is the title of the Biography I am writing about the pair of them ... but may never finish

    The Pen & Ink lasted from 1979 until 2014/15, when I began to dabble with paint. Paint is still the challenge (I've only painted 65 paintings so far) whilst P & I is second nature. The Pen & Ink is far too time consuming - I'm still working (playing) a 7 day week and still don't have enough time.

    Hope your move isn't too stressful.